Saturday, May 19, 2012


I'm sorry but really this has been one of the most ridiculus weeks regarding food I have ever had.    You simply cannot survive on soup, water, soup, protein shakes and more water!     I had some watermelon a couple nights this week, which was really refreshing instead of popsicles, as well as two days for lunch I had smoothies.     Have lost 1 lb per day, so I guess that is really good.    The smoothies probably should not have had, but I lost the weight regardless, due to major calorie restriction.   Plus I also worked out alot, too much......1, 2, 3 & yes a 4th SPIN CLASS in 5 days.  Burned a total of 1,945 calories.

Tomorrow Buns and I are heading to go outdoor biking early in the morning, so this will be #5.   #5 will be more relaxing so I'm not going to count the calories toward anything.  

Thought I would post some pictures of my pre-op diet week for those future ***bandstar**** readers, so you can get an idea of what to buy when the magical time gets closer.

Ok So, I just bought these No Sugar Added NAKED Shakes today at Target, there are 7 different flavors, check them out.   They have alot of Protein in them and these will be for next week Mon,Tues, Thur & Fri when I get home from surgery.     $3.79 each...whatever at this point !   UPDATE:   5/25/12  - THESE WERE THE MOST NASTY ASS THINGS EVER, THRU THEM ALL IN THE TRASH.   

These were a freaking fantastic idea, I ordered all these "variety packs" of the Matrix and Nectar brand Protein Shakes.  These are directly from  and were $18.00 each + I get a free sample one with each order.    I did not like any of the ones that you would mix with water "iced tea, blue carribean, fuzzy navel, etc."   But the ones with MILK Skim or SILK Vanilla HELLO, all were really good.    By Far the best:   CHOCOLATE MINT, BANANNA CREAM AND THE VANILLA.    The ORANGE CREAM was a close 2nd place winner.

Luxury!  This is my body pillow with a sassy ass cover ZEBRA print, my freshly made comfy bed and of course my IPAD.   My IPAD is ready to go with 3 books of 50 Shades of Grey, so there might be a little something else that moves hiding under the body pillow just in case its needed.   This is where I will rest after surgery.   What?   Get your head out of the gutters.

Well at this Point I am probably just wasting $$$$, but these are new plates, bowls and lunch packing dishes that hold the right portions for a new Bandster!   All recently purchased at TARGET, if interested.   

My chewey vitamins, miralax so Queen Bee can Poop.   I just love the word Poop!  GAS X to help get rid of all the GAS that apparantly will be blowing out my ass on Thursday.    Hubby "Buns" cannot wait.    I think my husband will have some competition this week in the farting department.  All purchased at TARGET

Tazo unsweetened teas from Starbucks!  It's out this week, so a MUST for me to have.  Then, some Fresh Soup from Trader Joe's.    

These are all my soups!   All purchased from Trader Joe's.   I just love this place. These made this week actually bearable, the soup was excellent quality and taste!

No Sugar Free popsicles for me, I had 4 one night last week, and was really gassy for 3 hours.    Buns thru them in the trash!    He has heard enough.

OH....SEE HOW I SLIPPED THIS SHIT IN HERE WAY AT THE BOTTOM!   Only a True Reader of My Blog will ever see these!      Welp here they are, me at my finest.   The dreaded BEFORE PICTURES.   

Even Roscoe the Basset Hound is irritated.   How about I got Buns up from Bed at 5:20 am to take these pictures, before I headed to Spin Class.     He was so happy with me.

Really?  My ass is so curvey!    Buns says its Hours of Fun and is going to miss it.    Dude, get a life.    We will see what Fun we can have with my new ass.   You know what bothers me the most?   My arms.   I never knew how chubby my little arms were, there are jaba the hut looking little things.    I'm going to work real hard on sexy arms!  I want Michele  Obama arms.    

HERE IS JABA....Just in case we need a reference for the ARMS.      


  1. !!! You are very prepared. I really like those little Target plates.

  2. Wow girl, you are so prepared! It's a little overwhelming to see what I have to look forward to! I TOTALLY feel the jaba arms... they are my biggest insecurity as well. So glad you worked up the courage to take some really good before pics, I think you will thank yourself later! :)

    1. Oh is that you Dandy...I thought you were in my Coach Purse ready for Wednesday?

  3. You go girl! Looks like you are all stocked up! :)
    My Dad and I are both banded, and different things make our bands tighter than they should be, occasionally. So if either of us start bitching (because we've been back on liquids for a few days) we just tell each other to get a grip. Liquids won't kill ya, but we occasionally wish they would.
    I'm impressed with the spin class attendance!

    1. that is great you and your dad have this, must really help at family eating events.

      My dedication to exercize is a major reason I am here. I work out more than the "normal" person and can keep up with some pretty tough routines. During my 6 month diet time, I joined a 4 person boot camp style 2X per week, never missed. I fucking gained weight. Really? Its simply useless for me.

  4. yay! you are all set! How many proteins/sugars in those naked drinks? I haven't seen those yet! Ugh that lemon tea protein makes me want to barf!

    1. Says 100% Juice No Sugar Added. Each has about 25g sugar (fruit) 30g protien. Other's have less protein all fruit. Not as low sugar as the Shakes, but for something different an option.

      Check out

  5. Yeah you! My fridge looks similiar. And I have sample packs, a newly bought body pillow and newly bought tiny utensils (appetizer forks / spoons).... LOL!

    I'm impressed you posted the before pics. I had my sister take them, but I'm not feeling comfortable posting them, yet.... we'll see.

    I feel like I'm at least over the crazy hump for the pre-op. As long as I stay out of the kitchen I'm good, though I am starting to get sick of some of the shakes. Some are definitely better than others!

  6. I too am an aficionado of the word poop, it's by far one of my favs!!

    Great job on the before pics, it can be a little painful when you first seen them but then when you do a side-by-side and see the changes it is an AMAZING feeling!!

    I heart Roscoe, I have a weak spot for goofy looking puppies.

    1. Love roscoe... I have 2 Bassets and 2 weenie dogs. Love them all

  7. You're going to do great! Good luck.

  8. You are beautiful and I can't wait to watch your progress! Big claps to "Buns" for being a supportive Hubs! I'm thinking Roscoe could stand a little closer to some exercise, though. HAHAHA (I have a normal-weight dog and a way-wobbly fat cat, so not being critical).

    Good Luck!!!!

  9. Love all of the pix! I want Michelle Obama arms too! :-)