Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Halloween 2012 down 40 lbs

 Not a whole lot going on with me for the month of October, but I did want to get out my Halloween Costume for you to see. 

Had a great Halloween this year and for once I actually felt "OK" getting dressed up and acting a fool with my husband and friends.  

I got alot of compliments on my costume and how cute it looked.   My dad made me my Sassy Club which I thank him for that, because I had my hands full with Prisinors.  At work today, I won Funniest Costume.    Which is good I guess, but kinda sucks if you were going for the Sexiest, right?     Whatever, I'll take it!     

Having a Party Time with my Besties!
On the weight loss front, I am eating better so much cleaner and I am so very proud of myself for that.    I'm sticking to my calorie level and not cheating!    Last week I lost - 2 lbs, so this week I just continue onward with my Journey.

My Trainer is coming over on Saturday to help go over my eating issues.  We are making plans to move forward to get this last 50 lbs off by Spring.   I have a million excuses on why I struggle to loose weight, all are becoming tiresome and old in my book and his.

Its do or die time!     And as my grandma dolly would say "shit or get off the pot ".   

Speaking of Grandma Dolly who was near death this summer.... I had the pleasure of going out to lunch with her this past weekend.   She is such an inspiration to me and proof there is more to life than food.   Grandma Dolly had a feeding tube for almost 8 weeks and she lived to tell about it.   Makes my piddly ass complaining look like just that "piddly ass".    She is so proud of me and I want her to see me thin!  She is getting old and tries to die every other month, so I need to get busy with that promise.     

Hence its now or never time!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I have not blogged in 10 days becuase I'm living in DENIAL.   If I dont talk about it, or deal with it, or write it, maybe it will go away.

Well, here it goes:      I've managed to over work my right knee and I am paying the ultimate price.  I've been benched, just like NY's Derek Jeter!

I was on crutches 2 out of the past 10 days, in/our of Urgent Care and on some fabulous pain and anti-inflamatory drugs.   I'm off the crutches, but now have a "limp" and my lap-band surgeon said no more drugs!   I'm still not understanding what the big deal is with the ibruprofin, aleve, etc...  I need to know if you all follow this rule?   He says Tylenol only, but if you have been to the stores lately??? No Tylenol to buy.    So what is a Girl to do?

I have only had 1 workout in the past 10 days, so I feel like a loaf of wonder bread.   I'm heading to spin this morning to see if it's even remotely possible this girl can muster up a sweat!

My lapband surgeon DENIED me a fill when I desperately needed it, because I had been on a high dosage of ibruprofin for 7 days and then I admitted to being addicted to Aleve during our consult.   He said the fill would not be a good idea as my stomach was being aggravated by these meds. 

So, the scale is a BITCH!     I've lost 4.25 lbs in 5 weeks.    I'm still eating the same shit, but smaller portions!    Even with the workouts being ultra intense, I'm still not loosing as fast as I could if I would just eat healthy. 

I dont know why, but I just dont like healthy food.    I'm struggling to choose the right foods and its such a cop-out.      I have a top rated medial weight loss Surgeon bought and paid for 12 months, his Nutritionist and then an awesome Personal Trainer who I love to death and wants nothing more for me than success!   I put all this in place to help me loose weight this year, my support systems are there, so why am I absent?   

Is food really that over powering that I would walk out of this after a 1 year commitment and do only half ass?   

Wake the FUCK up Michelle and get your head out of your ASS.
I dont want to beat up on myself too bad in this post, because I have not given up and I still want this so much.   I'm just putting it out there once again, that regardless of the surgery it still takes dedication, time, effort and the ultimate sacrifice:     DENIAL of Food!  


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Nike, Addidas and Champion are Phatty Racists!

I think it is my ass!

May God have mercy on my butt muscles today, I seriously cannot move.  Been doing these TRX style 1- legged lunges with 10 lb. weights during my PT sessions.   I'm just saying that I have always wanted a nice ass and a not so large ass, so if this does not work then I'm out of ideas.  At boot camp yesterday, my ass was literally numb, like it did not exist. I had to ask natzi bootcamp man, Is it still There?    I'm sure what he wanted to say, but did say to me are 2 different things.    Bless his cute little heart, I make him laugh!     

I sent a text message to a friend to tell her my butt hurt!    She responded "great?" I'm sure you all will too, but I just wanted to get it out there!

Work-Out Me
So, here is a photo, I call it "work-out me".    I've sorta taken on my own little fashion statement in the phat girls work-out industry in the form of bandannas.   I've come to realize they work perfect, I dont have to mess with my hair and they capture all the sweat during a work-out.   I've managed to collect 12 different colors.    When I put on my bandanna: it's go time Bitches!
Now, I do need to bitch and rant a bit . . . "that every place I go to lately to look for new work-out clothes, the stuff is the size of small person or extra small person and in some cases a -0 size person.   Seriously, NIKE, ADDIDAS and CHAMPION I can assure you as much as I work out I could be a walking advertisement for you.   But no, I'll just wear my colored bandanna's because that is all I can find that is truly 1 size fits all heads.     I get it NIKE, ADDIDAS and CHAMPION you dont want phatties like me wearing your labels.   You have made that very clear, i'll back off! but this is not over by a long shot.    

Now, I want to say "F-OFF" to these companies!   But...
that leads me to my next delima.   My mom wants me to stop using the "F" word.  
Yea, i've thought about it and its a NO! So here it goes, not just 1 F-bomb but 4 for  NIKE, ADDIDAS and CHAMPION!

Since this blog is about weight loss, lets get to it!
The truth is my clothes are falling off me, my stomach is flatter, my core is so strong, I am so strong all over!   I am working out with girls at bootcamp that wear Nike, Addidas, Champion and even PINK!  and I am keeping up with them.    I do not feel like I am the Phat Girl in back, I'm in the middle of the pack.   

......but the scale is not moving for 3 long weeks now.    I really don't get it and I am not going to continue to drive myself insane over a number on a scale, when my body, my work-outs and my head is screaming differently.
Hubby, my Buns is loosing weight, he is still on his turkey bacon, protein shake, nuts and wheat bread diet.   I think he has lost around 10-15 lbs in 3 weeks.    Go Buns!