Monday, May 21, 2012

Freaking out!

For whatever reason I am in total panic mode right now. I have thought of everything from I might die Wednesday to Pizza! Really I need your help...these are my questions??? Will I be happy once I loose the weight? How soon will I be able to get back to my normal workout routines.... strength training and spinning.. currently I workout 5 hrs a week! I just want to be "normal" as soon as possible. What happens when your in public like a Restaurant and your food is stuck? When should I be able to eat a good solid portion of food again? Will I have the dreaded shoulder pain after surgery???? I cant take pain...they say Walk I plan on it. What if I start my period on Wednesday? Really i'm due any minute. What happens if you get the flu, are you able to throw up like a normal person?


  1. First I just want you to breath, a couple nice deep breaths.

    I was doing my regular cardio stuff just a week after surgery, but I had to wait until my one month visit for the go ahead on strength stuff.

    I don't think anyone but you can say if you will be happy once you lose the weight, I think that depends on why/if you are unhappy now.

    I was lucky enough to have just a little bit of the shoulder pain, but I was a walking fool. For the pain I did have a heating pad seemed to help.

    I think if you start your period, you start it. I don't know why what would hold anything up. You may just be a little bit more emotional after the procedure, if that's how your hormones hit you.

    As for the getting stuck and throwing up, I have not been there yet, so I can't help. But just know you are ready for this!!! And it's an awesome thing!

    1. I'm breathing! I know im going to be fine deep inside, at least I hope so. I've got the heating pad ready to go and I'll be a walking fool too!

      I think that is great you have not been stuck yet, that is my hope for me.

  2. I wish I had wonderful words of encouragement. I don't really know the answers to any of your questions. However, I am confident in your strength. I can tell you are committed. You will gain so much confidence as you work this tool to your advantage and begin to see results for your hard work. You already work out. seriously, that is a big deal. You are strong. You have great support. You will not die, but you will live like never before! Breathing...Morgan's great advice!

    1. Thanks Tina, my red-faced sista! I turned my blog RED....too.

      I am hoping the most for 2 things: No crazy gas shoulder pain day! and I wake up NOT HUNGRY. Seriously, just not wanting food for a few days is going to be a relief in itself.

  3. I'm working right now, but I'm going to give you the longest answer in the history of answers this afternoon! Just breath! Youare going to be fine!

    1. Yea.......please do. I'm certifiably insane today.!

  4. New follower :)

    I don't think losing weight alone makes you happy. For me, it has been a process of changing my whole way of thinking to make me happy...but it has been easier as I have lost weight.

    When I go to restaurant I find out where the bathroom is before I ever start eating. I have only been stuck twice while out to eat. The first time I tried waiting it out (big mistake) and ended up getting sick on the ride back (again, big mistake because I was on a field trip with my students). The second time was this past week (my first attempt with Chinese in 6 months) and I simply just excused myself from the table.

    If you read enough blogs you will see that all doctors have different post diets and allow you to start solids again at different times. My doctor wanted me back on "real" food as soon as possible. I was eating regular food by the end of the first week...but some doctors make you wait weeks.

    Not everyone has the shoulder/gas pains. I had NONE...and yes, I was very thankful. It was what I feared the most.

    If you start your period it is what it is...not much you can do change it.

    I haven't had the flu, but I did have virus a couple of months ago...and YES, you still throw up like a normal person. Getting stuck and throwing up is very different from being sick and throwing up.

    Hope that helps some :) Good luck with your surgery!!

    1. Yes that does help me alot. I'm totally paranoid of being in public and looking like a fool. Shit I can't even tell the vietmenese people to stop rubbing my legs during a pedicure because I might hurt their feelings. I just hate looking like an ass.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to give me some reassurance.

  5. I was wondering when your freak out was going to happen! I know we are a lot alike and I KNOW I will have a freak out as well, so I was wondering when you were going to!!!

    I'm with Morgan, BREATHE GIRL!!!

    Unfortunately these are gray questions...there is no black or white answer. EVERYONE is different, and the band is different for every single person.

    I know you have been doing about as much blog reading/stalking/researching as I have so I think you are as ready as you can be and armed with enough information to put the band to good use. This surgery will be the easy part! But I know you have the "umph" to be a rockstar! And remember, I'm always here for you girl! :)

    1. Thanks...i'll be blogging you later in the week with all the detailios! Buns says i'm nutso today because I'm hungry. He said as long as he has known me, when I get hungry watch out...i'm like a vampire searching for a blood fix. He may be right, but I am generally scared too.

  6. You'll do absolutely GREAT.

    Surgery (in my opinion) is the easy part. The good food choices and exercising FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE is the hard part. Enjoy the pain meds. :)

    1. I've got the Exercise that leaves FOOD.

  7. I"m so glad you are asking all the questions! I'm so busy trying to get work stuff finished before Wednesday I haven't had time to panic. I think that staying busy is my key. I'll just keep stalking your blog and getting the answers before I have time to panic.... :-)

  8. Will I be happy once I loose the weight? Losing weight changes one thing “being fat.” At least for me, I still have insecurities, issues, etc. What it does do? It helps me to be more comfortable it public, helps me to be “me” without all the weight holding me down.

    Working out will depend on your surgeon. I couldn’t ride horses or lift weights for 4 weeks but was cleared for cardio as soon as I felt like it.

    What happens when your in public like a Restaurant and your food is stuck?
    Like Rock Band Barbie, I ALWAYS find the bathroom before I sit down. It keeps things simple. You don’t have to embarrass yourself, just excuse yourself to use the restroom. PBing is WAY different than throwing up.

    When should I be able to eat a good solid portion of food again?
    Depends on your surgeon.
    Will I have the dreaded shoulder pain after surgery????
    I didn’t, but everyone is different.
    I cant take pain...they say Walk I plan on it. Enjoy the pain meds. I was off them in 3 days! Hit the ground running.

    What if I start my period on Wednesday?
    What can you do about this? Change your BC regmin, other than that, it is what it is.

    Ronnie, over at “ronnies bandumentary” did a post about having the flu… .I think.

    1. Thanks Miss Lorie...Your calming the control freak in me.

      I know that is mostly what this is about, handing over power over me to someone else.

  9. I answered you about shoulder pain on your comment on my blog! I started walking 1-2 miles at 3.4 mph 1 week after surgery. probably about 2 weeks after I started the elliptical. 6 weeks after surgery I could do everything and anything I wanted.

    Every single day that I woke up after surgery I felt noticably better. Yeah the gas pain is uncomfortable, but I had chewable gas x and walked (see my other comment)

    The only food I don't really eat anymore is salmon because I don't like how it tastes when I chew it to a pulp.

    Getting stuck happens when you eat too fast, or when you don't chew properly. Or, as in my case the other day, your band is way too tight. For me, getting stuck is a 5 minute episode (it's only happened twice) Both times I was preoccupied and was just popping food in my mouth and swallowing. It was totally my own fault.

    We were on liquid for about 5 days. Then we started eating yogurt and very mushy food.

    2 weeks after that we started on soft foods, flaky fish, cold cuts slow cooked meats that were juicy etc.

    It all goes by quick, the pain you feel for 3 or 4 days is a distant memory when you get on the scale and see a huge loss.

    Being happy after you lose weight is up to you. Does extra weight make you unhappy? Does anything else? Does conquering a goal make you feel great? Well you'll feel good for sure. Do you get obsessive when you make mistakes? Well you'll get stressed sometime during this journey. It's all about changing yourself for the better. You'll do great.

    I'm praying lots for you and I know lots of other people out there are too!!

    1. Thanks MP and your husband's story helps me so much. All the blogs do. Knowing me, I would have backed out without an overton of information.

      The thing is I am happy. But my scale has not moved in 4yrs up or i'm on this journey for pure satisfaction! I want results.

    2. Then you are going to do great!!! You're doing this for you and that's all that matters!!! Hope your parents had a great trip and Hope tomorrow flies by for you!

  10. Ok - I was banded in March so all these fears are fresh in my mind. I had very brief shoulder pain but my recovery was bad - I had to sleep semi sitting on the couch cause every time I lied down I thought I was ripping something out but I didnt need strong pain killers which when I took them I felt light headed and sick. Im super fine now but my recovery was much longer than most - just me I guess. I could eat regular food probably at my 3 week post surgery mark and I tested the waters before you are supposed to move on but that's just me Im anti rules. As for happy - the band will not make you happy - losing weight in my opinion also will not make you happy - it may make life easier without lugging all that weight around and that may make you happy but band=happy not so much. Learning to eat with the band is the hardest thing you will ever do but Ive got to say the band is an excellent tool to keep reminding you of your goal. I can't eat bread and guess what after you're super painful stuck on it a few times - great isn't so great anymore and you find something else. Ive been stuck alot lately with company here and you know when you're stuck and when its going to come up and I just for safety sake go to the bathroom as soon as Im painfully stuck just in case. Now to answer your last question - I had food poisoning a few weeks ago with my band in only for 6 weeks and I threw up that contaminated chicken just like before except there was less of it to throw up cause I didn't eat so much. I hope this helped. Keep blogging all your questions - someone will answer. Theres alot of newbies here that have just gone through the banding. I hope your sugary goes well. All the best!