Friday, June 29, 2012



I told you 2 weeks ago there would be no early celebrating 19.8 lbs is where I stood still for 12 days, then finally DROP -3.5 TODAY.

I'm off to training!  

Thursday, June 28, 2012


    {this little pig is so damn cute! he is supposed to shake his bootie...but I can't figure out how to get it do to that}.   I just put him here in honor of Sarah and Rachel who both have inspired me this week by hitting major weight loss goals with the use of their lap bands.  

This journey is about so much more than loosing weight, its about all this 30 days of NSV's!

1.   I wore a pair of pants on Tuesday, that are part of my "spring outfits".   Spring came early in Michigan this year, we hit 80 degrees in March.  So ofcourse, I pulled out my "spring" wear early, and packed away the winter clothes.   Man alive NO-GO!   I could get these pants up, but as far as zipped and buttoned, not a way without a rubberband and a priest nearby.   Tuesday, these pants and the matching shirt were worn, with much room in the butt, legs and waist, they fit like a glove and I looked too cute!!!!!

2.  Pringles.  Well I love them and would eat 2 cans during the weekend and 1 can during the week.   Have not touched these little sons-of-******* since April 10th.    I pass them in the store every week, but honestly do not crave them and do not miss them.  

3.  Candy.   I have not had ANY.   Nothing, not a bite nor a sneak or a smell or a peek.   My office has a "store for charity" packed with all kinds of rotten goodness.   I've had nothing!    I put my spare change in the jar for charity, but no snacks for me.   I'm on a mission..... people!

4.  Movie.   I have attended a movie with NO Popcorn, NO Candy, NO Pop or Nachos.   Just me, myself and I and my bottle of cold water.  

5.  WATER.   I'm a fish, got no issues drinking it and in abundance.  


6.   My work-outs are ON-FIRE!    My core is strong strong strong!   I held a 1 min plank yesterday, after being tortured by my trainer for over 60 min with no issues whatsoever.  Actually, I could have held longer, but he said Stop, and I obey his commands like a dog in training.  

I have completed 300 minutes of cardio combined with hard strength training for 3 weeks in a row, this week ending Sunday will be my 4th week.   

My trainer, the Fabulous Mark for me; says I am in good physical condition, and he works me out really hard because I'm no wimp by any means!  

Some of the the things I do are TRX suspension style which is really challenging.   See photes below for some visuals on this.

These are the more basic "moves" on the TRX rope that I am performing now.  

I am also a boxing and kicking fool!   I got pink wrist wraps and Livestrong Black&Yellow Boxing Gloves.   I go to town and punch the shit out of Mark,   Then, I get to kick, which is a little bit more difficult but its FUN too.

Girls Can't WHAT?

My future hopeful NSV's I am working on:

1.  Starbucks  
2.  Protein

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

No Magic Potion!

I wanted to write this post for my blog for those that think receiving weight loss surgery (WLS) is the easy way out.  

Some may be wondering, now that I have WLS, that I am not required to work-out.

I made my choice for WLS no secret, so now I get alot of people just kind of staring me up and down, you know... how do I look now? 

I have no issues explaining to people when they have questions regarding my WLS.   I have gotten alot of people curious and they ask me some really crazy shit!   

One thing is that I believe 'people' may think, this is an easy way out.   

I am here to quickly advise, that it is in NO WAY EASY.   I want to post a typical weekly routine for exercise, post WLS surgery:

Sunday:   SPIN CLASS - 60 minutes 8:30 am (no sleeping in)
Monday:  REST DAY
Tuesday:  SPIN CLASS - 60 minutes
Wednesday:   Personal Training Session - 60 minutes 5:30 am
Thursday:   REST DAY
Friday:    Personal Training Session- 60 minutes 5:30 am
Saturday:  SPIN CLASS - 60 minutes 8:30 am (No sleeping in)

My husband and I also have our own TREK NAVIGATOR 2.0 Bikes.  Which, means I am often out riding my bike on the weekends at local bike trails, walking in the park with my husband feeding the birds and squirrels on a Saturday evening........or even possibly on the treadmill keeping up with? my C25K App in my basement while I watch TV on the big screen!

As far as diet goes, well eating 1200-1400 calories per day is about all I can eat (yes, even with all the exercise), if I want to loose weight at 1.5lb - 2.0lb per week.   Sometimes, because I have been cursed with the FAT DEVIL
and bad fatty fatt phat genes, my metabolsim just says "fuck it", NO LOSE FOR YOU TODAY!

Just this past week during an hour training session with my Personal Trainer, the lovely Mark who wants SWIFT RESULTS for me....pushed me to the point of no return. Tears ready to flow overtop of sweat, I dont know if they were tears of frustration, pure exhaustion, or possibly happiness from accomplishing the most difficult workout I had ever done.......but nonetheless, it was an accomplishment.    This morning, I pull up for my workout and i'm thinking...ok bitch, there is no crying in the sweatshop, just get er done!"

I am sharing all this, because this is hard work.  WLS or not, its hard work.  My BAND helps me with the following:

  1. Portion Control!
  2. Hogging down Food at Warp Speeds!
  3. Cravings!
I have noticed that I am not craving food.  There were times when I would be completely full and go....hmm I need some pringles!   My mind would not rest, until I had those pringles!     I dont seem to have that anymore.

I have noticed that a 6" subway is almost more than I can handle.  Prior to surgery, I would have had a 12" + Chips and would have tried to eat some of Buns' chips too!

I have noticed that I can no longer sit in front of the TV and be consumed while I stuff food in my mouth.   This is no good, and causes PB/STUCK episodes.  So another bad habit that is being forced to change.

All in all the 1-3 are things maybe that most people can accomplish on their own.  For me, I simply could not.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I could plow thru a buffet or eat 1/2 can of biscuits smothered in sausage gravy.   Hey that is Me!  Michelle and I'm never going to apologize for loving food or for being me!

Clearly, I love myself just a "bit" more than I love my Food.

It absolutely HURTS....
Takes Time...

If you not willing to do the TIME for the CRIME, WLS is NOT the answer. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012


    A quick update the scale is ......



Very close to my first 20 lbs, but there will no early celebrating or claim to Victory until the scale shows every ouce of a - 20 lb loss!

Monday, June 11, 2012

He's BACK!

Hello!  I'm the Phatty Fatt "Fat Devil" that lives in Michelle.

Well its finally happened, its reared its Ugly Nasty Old Head, what you say, who do you say?


I really started feeling better all over and thru my body and mind...last Thursday, just woke up and went "hey no more pain?". Yahoo did little chicken dance to some GAGA Oh LA LA!

Back to Spin class this weekend, killed a 40 minute class really no issues. Again, I stopped myself at 40 minutes as not to push to that final high gear. Met and completed a pretty good strength training workout with Mark, it went well, although my muscles are now way back out of shape again. Which means I have to go thru dreaded "never moved your body before pain". It is dreadful, hurts to get up and down from the toilet in the worst way. But then, it feels good because you know that excercise changes your life and your shape!

Ok back to my Nasty Hungry Man the "FAT DEVIL" that lives inside my brain.   Now, I am hungry again! My band restriction is no more, it is WIDE OPEN, like a gigantic hole in the sky.

As I was eating my dinner yesterday, I realized... I could continue to eat so much more. I had to stop myself at 1 cup. What to do now you ask?   Well, I have to wait until 6 weeks post surgery which for me is JUNE 26TH, when I can go see DR. H for some fluid for my BAND.

Better known as: FIRST FILL! 

I called and unfortunately, they understand I am hungry and have no restriction, but they are not willing to bring me in early.  BOO :(.

From what I have read, this is a normal part of the process and a not so pleasant one either.  Falls right behind the dreaded liquid diet!

I will perservere thru this phase, but its hard to have the Monster Hungry Fat Devil back and still trying to be restricted to a 1/2-1 C portion of food.   Well, I could eat more if I wanted to, but I dont want to because that will lead to weight gain.

Man alive, now i'll be adding a ticker to my blogger to count down to my first fill. DR. H told me not to expect a huge loss in June following surgery, I guess I wanted to think I would be different, a cut above the mustard. I'm no different and will also now endure what is known as BANDSTER HELL. If you love me stand by me!

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Good, The BAD and The Ugly

Well today's update is unfortunately not a good one.   

I am frustrated  

I moved from liquids to mushy/soft foods this week.  Today is Day 6.   Keeping in mind, that I can only eat about 1 cup of food per meal, so my calorie intake is extremely difficult to get above 1100-1200 each day.   So, in my old world I am barely even eating.   In my new world, this is going to be about the daily average, give or take a day when maybe something special is happening that involves food.

I have also incorporated moderate cardio back into my regiman, combined with a very low calorie diet. 

Sat & Sun & Mon:  walked 2 miles fast pace, calories net below 1000.

Tues:   Day1 of C25K (jog, walk 30 min combo), calories net below 1000.

Wed:   30 min spin class, calories net below 900

Thur:   Repeated Day1 of C25K, calories net below 1000

Today:   4:30 am Repeated Day1 of C25K 

I am still the same weight I was last Saturday, and according to my scale have actually gained .5 lbs....!

For the life of me, I just do not understand this happening to my body.   Who lowers their calorie intake to this degree, exercises 30+ min every single day and maintains weight.  I promise you, I have not cheated!  Nothing, absolutely nothing has gone in my mouth that was not documented in MFP.   There has been NO, even healthy snacks, between my 3 meals and 1 Protien drink.   

Apparently, that would be me!

For a normal person, I would say dont freak out.   I want to be able to not freak out.  I need to not freak out.     But,

This stand still on the scale scares the hell out of me! 

What drove me to this surgery, was my 4 year non-stop dedication to my bootcamp, cardio driven calorie burning spin classes - none of which I ever missed.  Every single week I was there, I never just "came home" instead of going, or "slept in" instead of going.      

My weight NEVER moved.    I weighed the same weight between 8-10 lbs for FOUR YEARS.   Since June of 2008, I have been UNABLE to lose or maintain any significant weight loss.  No matter how much I worked out, or what type of workout I did, NOTHING.   

So, after 4 years, you know .... it is the FOOD.  I simply was not eating what I should, I was not dieting.  What I was doing, was working out to cover my appetite and shitty eating choices.  

I am desperate!   please dont let me be in the statistics of people who get a Lap Band that fail, that it does not work for.    I will never recover from a failed attempt at this!

God, I'm praying and pleading and begging for some lenience with me.   Please let my body respond!

The two good things I have to report is that I am not hungry and have no food cravings.   Which is why I am able to be satisifed with my diet situation.  

And, I guess because I went into this surgery in top physical condition, I am coming out well.    My body is ready to go, its been 16 days, but I feel great!   The mild cardio I did this week has not phased me, barely breaking a sweat.   I do feel I could push for more, but I am not at my doctor's advice.

Am I destined for Phat Camp for the rest of my life?    

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I'm tired of people telling me what I can or cannot do.   I know my body and my tolorance, so let me be.  Really, WTF!

I hate it when people tell me to Call someone.   I dislike the phone with a passion, conversations on a phone drive me insane, so I'll call when I am ready.  Really, WTF!

Why has my weight loss stalled at a complete crashing standstill?  I have barely cleared the 1,000 calorie mark on a daily basis for weeks.   Really, WTF?    

My God, seriously I never realized what a workout-a-holic I was.   I am literaly dieing a slow death not being able to do my normal fitness routines.    Someone cut the strangling rope already, I'm bored and my muscles are deteriorating.  Really, WTF!

I am 100% infatuated with TrueBlood.   I just got done watching Season 4 on BluRay and I think I want to be a Vampire or atleast have a Vampire boyfriend, that would work too.   Not WTF, Just Really!

Sometimes I'd like to stab someone with a butter knife right in the gut or the butt, either will suffice.    Not WTF, Just Really!

I think my 1st WTF Wednesday was just a bitch fest, but I feel better now.   

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Just an update on me!    Well I must be feeling better, because I am just on my toes.... Itching....Badly..... to Sweat and Work Out.   I woke up yesterday morning after sleeping 12 hrs (REALLY, lazy ass is that necessary?); and I was like ok lazy bitch . . . this is it, your Done with This!  

No more recovery, no more pain meds, no more patient - I'm so over this!

I met with a new personal trainer, his name is Mark and we hit it off smashingly!    Literally, he specializes in boxing, sparring & kicking shit.    So I know he is my guy.    I am looking to Mark to bring my body back to the level I was at prior to surgery, then quickly guide me thru strength training and endurance training as my body begins to become smaller and core gets tighter.

WARNING - I am not afraid to sweat, breath hard, work hard, kick, hit or punch.   

I meet with Mark next Sunday, June 10th.   

So I have 7 more days of walking, then we will discuss a game plan moving forward.    I cannot lift any weights until end of June, but that does not mean I cannot move my body and get started.    I can go back to my spinning the following weekend June 16th!     I cannot wait.

Eating Update!   I'm onto MUSHIES.      So this week, I can gave scrambled eggs, hummus, egg salad, chicken salad, tuna salad, ham salad, combined with my awesome Matrix protein shakes and really good creamy soups.      My average daily calorie intake is around 900 per day.    I need to be at 1250-1400 combined with physical activity to start the weight loss process.    

I have lost a total of 16.5 lbs since May 14th, so I'm on my way to my first 20 lbs!

Saturday, June 2, 2012


HI!   I JUST HAVE A QUESTION.     THE PORT AREA UNDER MY LEFT RIB CAGE, IT HURTS!    Lord How Long does this area take to feel "normal again"?    I can feel that thing under my skin, its freaky wierd.      Is this area always a bit tender, or will this go away soon?