Wednesday, June 20, 2012

No Magic Potion!

I wanted to write this post for my blog for those that think receiving weight loss surgery (WLS) is the easy way out.  

Some may be wondering, now that I have WLS, that I am not required to work-out.

I made my choice for WLS no secret, so now I get alot of people just kind of staring me up and down, you know... how do I look now? 

I have no issues explaining to people when they have questions regarding my WLS.   I have gotten alot of people curious and they ask me some really crazy shit!   

One thing is that I believe 'people' may think, this is an easy way out.   

I am here to quickly advise, that it is in NO WAY EASY.   I want to post a typical weekly routine for exercise, post WLS surgery:

Sunday:   SPIN CLASS - 60 minutes 8:30 am (no sleeping in)
Monday:  REST DAY
Tuesday:  SPIN CLASS - 60 minutes
Wednesday:   Personal Training Session - 60 minutes 5:30 am
Thursday:   REST DAY
Friday:    Personal Training Session- 60 minutes 5:30 am
Saturday:  SPIN CLASS - 60 minutes 8:30 am (No sleeping in)

My husband and I also have our own TREK NAVIGATOR 2.0 Bikes.  Which, means I am often out riding my bike on the weekends at local bike trails, walking in the park with my husband feeding the birds and squirrels on a Saturday evening........or even possibly on the treadmill keeping up with? my C25K App in my basement while I watch TV on the big screen!

As far as diet goes, well eating 1200-1400 calories per day is about all I can eat (yes, even with all the exercise), if I want to loose weight at 1.5lb - 2.0lb per week.   Sometimes, because I have been cursed with the FAT DEVIL
and bad fatty fatt phat genes, my metabolsim just says "fuck it", NO LOSE FOR YOU TODAY!

Just this past week during an hour training session with my Personal Trainer, the lovely Mark who wants SWIFT RESULTS for me....pushed me to the point of no return. Tears ready to flow overtop of sweat, I dont know if they were tears of frustration, pure exhaustion, or possibly happiness from accomplishing the most difficult workout I had ever done.......but nonetheless, it was an accomplishment.    This morning, I pull up for my workout and i'm thinking...ok bitch, there is no crying in the sweatshop, just get er done!"

I am sharing all this, because this is hard work.  WLS or not, its hard work.  My BAND helps me with the following:

  1. Portion Control!
  2. Hogging down Food at Warp Speeds!
  3. Cravings!
I have noticed that I am not craving food.  There were times when I would be completely full and go....hmm I need some pringles!   My mind would not rest, until I had those pringles!     I dont seem to have that anymore.

I have noticed that a 6" subway is almost more than I can handle.  Prior to surgery, I would have had a 12" + Chips and would have tried to eat some of Buns' chips too!

I have noticed that I can no longer sit in front of the TV and be consumed while I stuff food in my mouth.   This is no good, and causes PB/STUCK episodes.  So another bad habit that is being forced to change.

All in all the 1-3 are things maybe that most people can accomplish on their own.  For me, I simply could not.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I could plow thru a buffet or eat 1/2 can of biscuits smothered in sausage gravy.   Hey that is Me!  Michelle and I'm never going to apologize for loving food or for being me!

Clearly, I love myself just a "bit" more than I love my Food.

It absolutely HURTS....
Takes Time...

If you not willing to do the TIME for the CRIME, WLS is NOT the answer. 


  1. That was awesome. And true in all aspects. Thanks for posting!

  2. dang straight...this journey ain't pretty, but we're all in it together :)

  3. Man do I love you! You are an inspiration to all!

  4. First, you wrote "PB/STUCK episodes" what does PB mean?
    Secondly, I'm a new follower... I like your blunt honesty.

    1. PB/Stuck is what the banded world refer to as Productive Burping.... me I just see it as being plain old throwing up. Its when you eat too much or too fast and the food will not drop, it just sorta is STUCK in the pouch and then comes back up. My two episodes have been both just like puking into the toilet, both were done fairly quickly and then I resumed my meal.

  5. Oh, I feel you on only being able to eat 1200-1400 calories a day to lose. 1200 is the sweet spot for me.

    1. Yea if I go over more than 2 days I'm done! I think god wants me phat!!!!

  6. Great post! I'll be watching-- you're definitely on the right track!