Monday, June 11, 2012

He's BACK!

Hello!  I'm the Phatty Fatt "Fat Devil" that lives in Michelle.

Well its finally happened, its reared its Ugly Nasty Old Head, what you say, who do you say?


I really started feeling better all over and thru my body and mind...last Thursday, just woke up and went "hey no more pain?". Yahoo did little chicken dance to some GAGA Oh LA LA!

Back to Spin class this weekend, killed a 40 minute class really no issues. Again, I stopped myself at 40 minutes as not to push to that final high gear. Met and completed a pretty good strength training workout with Mark, it went well, although my muscles are now way back out of shape again. Which means I have to go thru dreaded "never moved your body before pain". It is dreadful, hurts to get up and down from the toilet in the worst way. But then, it feels good because you know that excercise changes your life and your shape!

Ok back to my Nasty Hungry Man the "FAT DEVIL" that lives inside my brain.   Now, I am hungry again! My band restriction is no more, it is WIDE OPEN, like a gigantic hole in the sky.

As I was eating my dinner yesterday, I realized... I could continue to eat so much more. I had to stop myself at 1 cup. What to do now you ask?   Well, I have to wait until 6 weeks post surgery which for me is JUNE 26TH, when I can go see DR. H for some fluid for my BAND.

Better known as: FIRST FILL! 

I called and unfortunately, they understand I am hungry and have no restriction, but they are not willing to bring me in early.  BOO :(.

From what I have read, this is a normal part of the process and a not so pleasant one either.  Falls right behind the dreaded liquid diet!

I will perservere thru this phase, but its hard to have the Monster Hungry Fat Devil back and still trying to be restricted to a 1/2-1 C portion of food.   Well, I could eat more if I wanted to, but I dont want to because that will lead to weight gain.

Man alive, now i'll be adding a ticker to my blogger to count down to my first fill. DR. H told me not to expect a huge loss in June following surgery, I guess I wanted to think I would be different, a cut above the mustard. I'm no different and will also now endure what is known as BANDSTER HELL. If you love me stand by me!


  1. Bandster hell grabs us all! You will beat this! I know:)

  2. I'll be here! You can get through this, ready to take on the world (of banded living) :)

  3. Hunger sucks :( Do you have Realize or Lap-Band?

  4. We are all here for you Michelle! You can get through this! :)

  5. You got this!!! really! Just think of it as a 15 day diet...I know you used to do these. Remember thinking you could do anything for 2 weeks? Then, maybe you will find restriction city after your fill!
    Be-gone hunger devil!!!

  6. Once again, we seem to be right on the same page... I am not a fan of hell -- bandster or other -- I have started counting down.. 2 weeks from tomorrow, I go back for my first fill.... Stay with it!

    1. Sara atleast we know we are normal. This whole process is pretty scary and I keep wondering is what I am feeling OK. Its comforting to know we are falling in line with the same signs.

      I ate every 3 hrs yesterday, good choices, but nonetheless because the portions are so small hungry in 2.5-3 hrs after each setting.

      May calorie level yesterday was 1350...due to the extra "meal" or "snack" or whatever you want to call it. 2 weeks ago I would not have needed that.

    2. are you drinking with your foods? Or are the snacks/foods more liquid than solid? I find that I'm not full for as long when I do only liquid type foods, unless it's my usual protein shakes and I'm distracted or not at home.

  7. When this happened to me (and boy I was so upset when it did), I called my doc and spoke to the nutritionist. She said that hunger is natural and regain is fine...and once the fill happens that the weight will start to come off. Get your protein in, and remember - if you don't eat enough, or you exercise too hard and don't eat the calories back, you'll stay where you are and not lose anything. Also, keep in mind how much you take in NOW vs how much you USED to take in - you'll be amazed at the difference. I look back at my old food journals and am just a-freakin-stounded at the sheer amount I could pack away. As of today, I've got about 8cc's of fluid in my band...and I can STILL eat like there's no tomorrow - I'm talking 2 slices of thin crust pizza with loads of veggies for toppings, etc. I ate a large bowl of oatmeal with 2 slices of low cal bread for lunch. I find when I eat more carbs, I get hungrier faster, too. However, even with all that, I am still losing weight steadily because I make smart choices. I give myself a "splurge" meal (where I basically eat what I want to eat daily), but I balance that with good options throughout the day. My mid morning snack today was sugar snap peas and a little dressing on the side to dip. It satisfied the crunch need and the salt need (cause I wanted pretzels!)

    It gets easier, and it WILL come off. :)

  8. hang in there! i really have no words of wisdom, i'm only a week out...but hang in there!