About Me

Well my story is really no different than most I guess.

I have always been a bit on the chunky side since my early 20's.   My family genes are phatty phat phat ones so i've got that against me.

I never really learned to eat healthy nor eat properly portioned food.   We always had breakfast, lunch, and dinner and snacks and plenty of it to go around.  

I never was very physcially active.  As a matter of fact until June 2008, I do not believe I had ever sweat a day in my life due to physical activity.   If I sweat, that meant to me to stop, sit down you have had enough.

     {It is hard for me to even admit this or understand my logic...I just love to work-out so much now, but this is the truth}

In 2007, I weighed 304 lbs and joined Jennie Craig.   This program was very successful for me.   Every week I was down 2 or 3 lbs until eventually I weighed 227 lbs size 16.    So wow how exciting ........ I quit!

The next week I was 230 lbs, the following few weeks after that 235 lbs and then before I knew it I was 258 lbs again.    You know you cannot stay on JC forever...  I don't begrudge or judge this diet or WW.  The Truth is at that time I was not ready to make a life style change, nor did I understand that is what needed to happen.   I wanted to weigh 225 lbs be a size 16, eat what I wanted and sit on my ass.      That works right?   Well, in my mind I really thought it would.

Out of desperation to stop gaining after my JC success, I turned to exercise in 2008 and took up totally massive amounts of cardio and physical strength training with a Personal Trainer 6X per week no less than 60 minutes.   I kept at this pace and still workout at this pace today.   

{I believe I am an obsessive-compulsive addictive personality.   I cannot miss exercise or my irrational thoughts of becoming Phat take over and roll right into a panic mode.  You see I cannot control my appetite, so I can control thisAlso, lets point out....I am PHAT, hello, even I irritate me.}   

What this did for me was amazing!  I was suddenly able to eat whatever, no longer count calories, no longer log food, no longer worry, I droped a size in clothes and felt fucking great!         

The problem with this, was that I was 258-261 lbs for 3 1/2 years.     Then, for whatever reason...maybe because I turned 40 last July or the Phat Devil wanted some alone time.... But, suddenly this was not enough and I once again started to gain weight.  

Slowly...it came on, but there it was 281.5 on the scale!

NO THE BUCK STOPS...I will NOT weigh 300 lbs ever again.  

So therefore... A dramatic lifestyle change was upon me.    It was cross-roads time and I chose ME!~

Weight Loss Surgery.     The research was done, the insurance was approved and for me that was it.   No looking back, no second guessing, full speed ahead.

Welcome to my Journey!   Welcome to my NewLife!   Welcome to the Truth!

The god damned hard-core TRUTH.