Monday, January 21, 2013

Skinny Bitch? Nope not for me!

I had an awakening moment yesterday!!!! 

Guess what?

I dont want to be a Skinny Bitch.  Yep its SO TRUE!   What I do want is to be healthy, feel great and look great and be in great physical and mental condition.  I want to work-out kick its ass and do my cardio spinning classes.  Whatever scale weight for me that comes at... is where I will maintain and consider myself happy.

I'm not going to diet for the rest of my life!   I will however, live my new life style to its fullest potential.  

What brought this mind-blowing epiphany to the forefront of my brain?  

I attended a healthy eating Seminar at my new gym 2SP Pure Energy last evening.   It was a very informative seminar and I got some really good ideas from it, and so glad I went.  

However, I had an "AHHA Moment" while I was sitting there.     

Bless the girl's heart who was giving the seminar, but she is the size of flea.    She is going on and on about eating healthy and organics and eating dark greens, quinio rice, and cooking with this spray and dont use high fat this, no processed food, no coffee, eliminate caffeine, eat clean, eat dark Cocoa and kale chips!   

At some point, I just tuned completely out and went to my thoughts.    I realized in that very moment that I am NEVER going to live like that.    For god sake, I love food and chocolate and coffee and I dont think that is every going to change.   If I could change that, I would not have had to have divine intervention to control my hearty appetite. 

Then, my mind and eyes went to her body.    In my opinion she is bones and I'm not kidding probably a size 2 jean would fall off her.   Her entire ass could fit in the palm of my hand, like a toy cup poodle.  Her breasts were the size of a small fried egg.   In my opinion... to me that is unattractive and gives an appearace of unhealthy.   I dont begrudge her for her lifestyle choices, and Hell she probably will love longer than me, but there is no guaranty of long life for any of us....there is just LIFE NOW

She seemed very happy with her choices, but those choices are not for me.    I need to learn to live with my band to eat healthier, proper portioned food and live a balanced life-style.     Then, I realized SHIT BALLS....I am already doing that.    I am working out 5 hours a week, I am down 3 sizes or more in clothes, have lost close to 60 lbs and i'm now only 25 lbs away from my original goal.     

When, I got home from the seminar I looked at myself in the mirror with my workout bottoms and sports bra on and said Damn Girl!    I'm kinda shapely these days...when did this happen?   My big ass is well not so big anymore, and my waist is small... and hey, I might like to grab that ass!!!   The hard-core working out is totally paying off. 

Then, to top it off I had 2 men in my life (Buns and a Great Friend) tell me during the past week that I looked great and maybe a few more pounds 20 or so they could see.  But they each preferred their women curvey and with boobs and an Ass!    Each of these dudes are quite good looking men and could surely get a skinny bitch if they wanted one.    However, niether seemed interested!   LOVE IT!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Be True To Yourself and You Shall be set Free!

I'm quirky, silly, funny, blunt, smart and yes broken!   My days are sometimes dark, and my nights are sometimes too long.   I often trip over my own insecurities and have allowed those insecurities to control me far too long.   I require attention, long for passion, and wish to be desired.   

I use words in the form of my blog, letters to friends, quick messages, pictures, texts and music to my loved ones, to speak for me when verbal thoughts in the form of  words fail me.  Words are as important to me as the air I breath.    

I love hard and with all that I have...and even with my faults, I am worth loving.


Thursday, January 3, 2013


SO TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!    51.1 total loss as of today 1/3/2013!!!!!
I never doubted I would make it to Club 50 it just took me so long!     Damn, Shit balls, Schnizzel Lips.... WOW  7 months of hard work, perseverance and determination pays off today.
Got nothing else to report except apparently I'm trying to take a bronchial cold and as Sweet Georgia Brown says:   "ain't nobody got time for that"