Thursday, June 28, 2012


    {this little pig is so damn cute! he is supposed to shake his bootie...but I can't figure out how to get it do to that}.   I just put him here in honor of Sarah and Rachel who both have inspired me this week by hitting major weight loss goals with the use of their lap bands.  

This journey is about so much more than loosing weight, its about all this 30 days of NSV's!

1.   I wore a pair of pants on Tuesday, that are part of my "spring outfits".   Spring came early in Michigan this year, we hit 80 degrees in March.  So ofcourse, I pulled out my "spring" wear early, and packed away the winter clothes.   Man alive NO-GO!   I could get these pants up, but as far as zipped and buttoned, not a way without a rubberband and a priest nearby.   Tuesday, these pants and the matching shirt were worn, with much room in the butt, legs and waist, they fit like a glove and I looked too cute!!!!!

2.  Pringles.  Well I love them and would eat 2 cans during the weekend and 1 can during the week.   Have not touched these little sons-of-******* since April 10th.    I pass them in the store every week, but honestly do not crave them and do not miss them.  

3.  Candy.   I have not had ANY.   Nothing, not a bite nor a sneak or a smell or a peek.   My office has a "store for charity" packed with all kinds of rotten goodness.   I've had nothing!    I put my spare change in the jar for charity, but no snacks for me.   I'm on a mission..... people!

4.  Movie.   I have attended a movie with NO Popcorn, NO Candy, NO Pop or Nachos.   Just me, myself and I and my bottle of cold water.  

5.  WATER.   I'm a fish, got no issues drinking it and in abundance.  


6.   My work-outs are ON-FIRE!    My core is strong strong strong!   I held a 1 min plank yesterday, after being tortured by my trainer for over 60 min with no issues whatsoever.  Actually, I could have held longer, but he said Stop, and I obey his commands like a dog in training.  

I have completed 300 minutes of cardio combined with hard strength training for 3 weeks in a row, this week ending Sunday will be my 4th week.   

My trainer, the Fabulous Mark for me; says I am in good physical condition, and he works me out really hard because I'm no wimp by any means!  

Some of the the things I do are TRX suspension style which is really challenging.   See photes below for some visuals on this.

These are the more basic "moves" on the TRX rope that I am performing now.  

I am also a boxing and kicking fool!   I got pink wrist wraps and Livestrong Black&Yellow Boxing Gloves.   I go to town and punch the shit out of Mark,   Then, I get to kick, which is a little bit more difficult but its FUN too.

Girls Can't WHAT?

My future hopeful NSV's I am working on:

1.  Starbucks  
2.  Protein


  1. awesome post! and Congratulations

  2. Congrats all the way around!

    1. Hey Sara how you doing? I'm hanging in there trying to remain positive. At the urging of my doctor I have put my scale away for a bit, because I feel FUCKING FANTASTIC! but if that scale does not move I get so pissed.

      Just wanted you to know I'm here my same day banded sista!

  3. Geeze girl, NSV's all around! SOOOO happy for you. I'm glad you put your scale away. Keep working hard and it WILL start moving.... You will see! I mean come on... clothes are fitting better, and will soon be too big..that HAS to mean something! That TRX thing is crazy, never seen it before but now I'm intrigued!

  4. Fantastic NSV's!!! YOur workouts are so inspiring to me!! I mean, you are a workout queen!! Love it! I've done the TRX thing before and that's no joke.. way to go!

  5. I agree with Jen. My numbers may be inspiring to you but you are one of the people who inspires me with your work outs. Keep at it.

    And what NSV's! Well done. It's so important to remember we work on more than just numbers. xx

  6. Great NSV's! I love those damn pringles too :) Great job on being able to go to the movies and stay away from the popcorn...I have avoided going to the movies for 7 months because I don't rust myself the second I smell that buttery yumminess.

  7. Great post! Keep up all of the hard work! One thing I’ve found to be extremely helpful and useful as a supplement to my current diet/exercise plan is Fullbar ( Not only do their products help you lose weight, but they also help you maintain your weight loss.

  8. wow! i'm just impressed with #4!! no popcorn at the movies?! i hope to conquer that NSV one day too!