Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I'm tired of people telling me what I can or cannot do.   I know my body and my tolorance, so let me be.  Really, WTF!

I hate it when people tell me to Call someone.   I dislike the phone with a passion, conversations on a phone drive me insane, so I'll call when I am ready.  Really, WTF!

Why has my weight loss stalled at a complete crashing standstill?  I have barely cleared the 1,000 calorie mark on a daily basis for weeks.   Really, WTF?    

My God, seriously I never realized what a workout-a-holic I was.   I am literaly dieing a slow death not being able to do my normal fitness routines.    Someone cut the strangling rope already, I'm bored and my muscles are deteriorating.  Really, WTF!

I am 100% infatuated with TrueBlood.   I just got done watching Season 4 on BluRay and I think I want to be a Vampire or atleast have a Vampire boyfriend, that would work too.   Not WTF, Just Really!

Sometimes I'd like to stab someone with a butter knife right in the gut or the butt, either will suffice.    Not WTF, Just Really!

I think my 1st WTF Wednesday was just a bitch fest, but I feel better now.   


  1. Maybe you need to get more calories? I know if I am below 1000 then I don't lose as fast as if I am around 1100-1300. Are you getting all your protein?

    I am addicted to the TrueBlood books, so I can't watch the show anymore. I just get mad that they are doing it wrong!! But I too vote that I want a vampire boyfriend! Yum!

  2. Gah! I think i'm about to do my first WTF wednesday! Mr. scale is a saucy latino who likes to seduce you and whisper sweet nothings in your ear while doing the salsa... then the next day has a wicked hangover and takes it out on you... I'm not a fan... :)

  3. Venting is totally appropriate. It feels good to vent, right? I'm with you on the scale stuff - Icky! and I went for my follow up, and it looks like 3 more weeks of "will power" ---- I'm gonna need some help I think!