Friday, June 8, 2012

The Good, The BAD and The Ugly

Well today's update is unfortunately not a good one.   

I am frustrated  

I moved from liquids to mushy/soft foods this week.  Today is Day 6.   Keeping in mind, that I can only eat about 1 cup of food per meal, so my calorie intake is extremely difficult to get above 1100-1200 each day.   So, in my old world I am barely even eating.   In my new world, this is going to be about the daily average, give or take a day when maybe something special is happening that involves food.

I have also incorporated moderate cardio back into my regiman, combined with a very low calorie diet. 

Sat & Sun & Mon:  walked 2 miles fast pace, calories net below 1000.

Tues:   Day1 of C25K (jog, walk 30 min combo), calories net below 1000.

Wed:   30 min spin class, calories net below 900

Thur:   Repeated Day1 of C25K, calories net below 1000

Today:   4:30 am Repeated Day1 of C25K 

I am still the same weight I was last Saturday, and according to my scale have actually gained .5 lbs....!

For the life of me, I just do not understand this happening to my body.   Who lowers their calorie intake to this degree, exercises 30+ min every single day and maintains weight.  I promise you, I have not cheated!  Nothing, absolutely nothing has gone in my mouth that was not documented in MFP.   There has been NO, even healthy snacks, between my 3 meals and 1 Protien drink.   

Apparently, that would be me!

For a normal person, I would say dont freak out.   I want to be able to not freak out.  I need to not freak out.     But,

This stand still on the scale scares the hell out of me! 

What drove me to this surgery, was my 4 year non-stop dedication to my bootcamp, cardio driven calorie burning spin classes - none of which I ever missed.  Every single week I was there, I never just "came home" instead of going, or "slept in" instead of going.      

My weight NEVER moved.    I weighed the same weight between 8-10 lbs for FOUR YEARS.   Since June of 2008, I have been UNABLE to lose or maintain any significant weight loss.  No matter how much I worked out, or what type of workout I did, NOTHING.   

So, after 4 years, you know .... it is the FOOD.  I simply was not eating what I should, I was not dieting.  What I was doing, was working out to cover my appetite and shitty eating choices.  

I am desperate!   please dont let me be in the statistics of people who get a Lap Band that fail, that it does not work for.    I will never recover from a failed attempt at this!

God, I'm praying and pleading and begging for some lenience with me.   Please let my body respond!

The two good things I have to report is that I am not hungry and have no food cravings.   Which is why I am able to be satisifed with my diet situation.  

And, I guess because I went into this surgery in top physical condition, I am coming out well.    My body is ready to go, its been 16 days, but I feel great!   The mild cardio I did this week has not phased me, barely breaking a sweat.   I do feel I could push for more, but I am not at my doctor's advice.

Am I destined for Phat Camp for the rest of my life?    


  1. Ok, you need to forgive me for being thick here but when you say calories net, do you mean the total calories you have eaten or the calories you have eaten - the calories you earned working out.

    I would say it sounds more like your body is adjusting to the new regime and with the after effects of the operation it can take a week or 2. Maybe it would be good to keep your total calories between 1000 and 1200. How are you doing with the carbs and protein thing? Are you getting to the toilet ok because that can really skew the scale? and all of us bandsters know, it is never the same post op. Hope it rights quickly for you though.

    1. Ok that is a good point I am looking at the NET overall ending which is way below the red line for all days. I went back and removed all my exercise and ended up right at the red line and over on 2 days. My lowest day was 916 and my highest day was 1339.

      So, I am not going to log my exercise anymore and try that. Right now I am very limited on what I can eat due to I have had alot of homemade chicken salad and egg salad and deli made ham salad.

      These would not be "normally" something I would consume for 7 days in a row. This week I get more variety so maybe that will make a difference.

  2. Oh girl... First you need to breathe... IN...OUT...IN...OUT!! It's only been 16 days since your SURGERY...SURGERY my dear! Your body has been cut up and is healing. Not to mention you've been on liquids for like 4 weeks! Your body has been through alot! Your caloric intake may be working against you. Under 1000 calories in a day is simply not enough. ESPECIALLY when you are exercising. I wouldn't stress about minimal loss/gains these first couple of weeks. Let your body heal and go from there.

    1. I'm hanging in there. But it is time like this when I wished I never told a sole about my surgery. But again that is just not me a secret keeper...I'm a blabber mouth. People will ask how you doing?

      I'm like oh fine ready to jump thru this window, but i'm good! :)

  3. Here are a million things that can be happening. too much sodium, not enough fluids, time of the month, major surgery, major change in diet and your body is adjusting. Just keep it up, you're not hungry and you're working out, the weight will come off. If it doesn't you may want to talk to your doctor about a low carb diet. I can tell you from my own experience and from following all of the banded bloggers this absolutely happens to everyone. Keep your chin up and your feet moving!!!

    1. Thanks MD .... I always like your advice cause you and your hubby are so successful. You two should just be so proud.

      I'm not going to weigh until next week. I'll keep you posted

  4. Oh Michelle! I feel for you in this moment. Please keep faith. Your body is rebelling. It wants to keep that fat because it thinks you are going to need it. You WILL see results. You WILL. Just keep on keeping on! You are going to be a rockstar...I just know it!

    1. Its the Fat Devil."...... My red faced sista

      I was thinking of you today.... I went to Starbucks 25 min after the gym, the girl asked me if I was ok.

      I wanted to punch her.... Yayayaya I'm fine fat girl worked out, sorry.

  5. Ok, I echo what the others have said. Seriously. I log my food on myfitnesspal . com (sometimes), but I don't measure my exercise. It is just a bonus. The numbers would drive me crazy. One thing I can say is that I do not lose ANYTHING if I'm under 1,000 cals. I have to be close to 1200 (no exercise) or 1300-1500 if I have moderately exercised that day. My band surgery was 11 months ago. Look back at my blog and see what I was saying then! I was hungry all the time and miserable until I could get fills and really work the band. Get protein in any way you can. Please eat some more (I know, isn't that freakishly strange?!).

    1. Damn I replied to you as a comment go back to this post and see what I wrote ya....I have the worst habit of doing that

      :). :).

  6. Amy... I will def do that tonite once I settle in for the night. I too think due to the type of workouts I do will need to be in the higher calorie range or else my body is going to starve.

    Ill get back to you once I read up. Thank you for the support... I am pulling myself up out of a dark place I was in earlier this week.

    It's a beautiful day today in Michigan, I just completed a 45 min spin class 17 days after surgery, I feel flicking awesome.... And True Blood starts tomorrow.

    Loving life

  7. Hey Michelle... I hear you, clear as a bell. But I think your body is probably just recovering from surgery, retaining water and adjusting to exercising again. I say: Give it 10 days, THEN you can freak out.

    Also, I've read from so many people that weight loss with the band is a series of plateus. You lose a bit, stall a bit, lose a bit more. So while I most definitely understand your inclination to freak out, I don't think we're "there" just yet.

    I am convinced you are going to do awesome with this band. You just have that fire about you. I have total faith in you :) Keep up the good work!