Friday, May 25, 2012


Wow 3 days post op before I could even think of getting on my computer.   I am so glad this part of my journey is over.   It was surgery, it completely sucked, its over!   I had a very hard recovery period due to nasea from the anestesia.   That lasted from 4pm on 5/23 until well after midnight that night, until my body had finally said enough.  I was not discharged from the hospital to go home until the afternoon of 5/24.

Just hours upon hours of dry heeves.  What was my body trying to rid itself of??? I kept asking as I looked at the walls...   I think it was the Fat Devil doing an exorcism.   It was beating me up bad.... for all the trips to Red Robin, overflowing plates of biscuits and gravy and Swenson's hamburgers and onion rings, that got me to this point.     The FAT DEVIL said out with the OLD and in with the NEW.   It took so long, well because I ate so much.   

The fat devil may look like this?   

Today, my Mind is at ease, my Eyes are Clear, my Heart is Full.   I always loved this from on of my favorite shows of all time, Friday Night Lights.    I only see positive coming my way.   

To hubby,
I have the best buns in the whole world, you name it its been done for me.    He even went out last night to buy jello to make it finger jello because the ones we bought in the cup just were not cutting it.    True love is hard to find, so when you find it hold tight and never let go.   

I dont really have much else to report except after my dry heeves they did change nurse shifts at Midnight.   They sent me....well, honestly a really extra large younger black woman named Keesha.   She took one look at me said "Girl, get up outta that bed laying there with no drawers on nobody wants to see all that!    and....what's on you legs?"    Go on girl, up get in that shower lets get you cleaned up and back to bed".    Then she said "Lord Ms. B what you runnin all up on my floor here naked, what's wrong wit you? umumum... not on my shift"...

I think God sent her to me, so thank you.   She had me cleaned up, in new panties in no time, and then hit me up with some good sleeping meds.    

For Keesha!

I do BABY!


  1. LOVE Keesha! I can only hope I get a great nurse. So glad the dry heaves are over with. It's all good from here!

  2. Glad it went well!!! Welcome to this new strange world of the banded!!!

  3. Gotta love the no nonsense nurses of this world! You'll be up and around in no time! Also, thank you for posting on my blog :)

  4. I'm loving Keesha, too! Sorry you had a bad reaction to the anesthesia...I am worried about that. When I had my c-section I had a mild case of that. Anyway, the worst is behind you and I am glad to hear from you.

  5. Sorry again that you had it so rough at the beginning. I'm super glad you are starting to really recover. It is a new beginning!

  6. I had to read peaches all the Keesha action, that is awesome! I am so glsd you are up and moving and back on the blog wagon. YOU ARE OFFICIALLY BANDED NOW!!!!! Yah!!!!!!

  7. Hey hey, welcome to the team! Good nurses make ALL the difference in the hospital, mine were lovely too. I'm glad to hear you're doing well.