Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Story of My Favorite Jeans ...

I was hanging on a Rack at Macy's at Somerset Mall, just waiting for a good home!   My maker is a high-fashionista designer named Michael Kors and my price tag is way over priced at $125.00 with no upcoming sale on me in my future until Spring.  
As I hang on my lonely rack at Macy's, in walks a potential buyer, ohhh she is cute, smiling, carrying a MK purse and looks just my size.    AHHH!!! she sees me, I get picked up and she smiles at me, I've got a HOME!   My potential buyer takes me in the dressing room so she can make sure we are a good fit, but unfortunately she struggles to get me on.   She pulls and tugs and begins to breath heavy....then, she sits on the bench in the dressing room in her underwear and begins to cry and look at herself in the mirror.   
Finally, she picks me up and I think well back to rack I go, but NOOOO Wait what is this...I'm being purchased!    Me, Mr. MK Jeans are so happy, but my Buyer is so sad.    This does not seem right I think, but I'm just glad to be getting out of Macy's, so in the shopping bag I go and home with my Buyer.   
The conversations and living life I hear, while I hang silently on a hanger in an empty room for the next 2 months.    My Buyer is damn determined to love me and wear me and it makes me so happy.   She visits me often, touches me and makes sure I'm still there for her!    Apparently, she is throwing a big party for her best friend and I'm the outfit of choice.  
As the party night fast approaches, she puts me on and its a tight fit, but I give her just enough comfort and breathing room that IT'S a GO.    Finally, I get out of this Room and I'm living life with my Buyer.
The "Party" is wonderful!   My Buyer has all her friends from long ago around her, she enjoys the evening like no other.    There are many memorable moments and pictures taken with me that will forever be a part of my Buyer's permanent memory bank. 
After this Party, I seem to come out every week and get proudly worn; WOW my buyer loves me like no other!   
After several long months of being with my Buyer, something strange begins to happen, she quits wearing me, but I remain in her closet just looking at her every time she is close by.    Then, one day the unthinkable happens, she puts me on and is annoyed with me!     I end up in a pile on a bench with other unlovable clothes.     I don't know why my Buyer does not love me anymore?? and it hurts!
Finally, my Buyer comes and has a conversation with me!   Thank God...I'm thinking I cannot spend another minute in this Room with these Looser Clothes, I'm a high-fashionista type and need to be Displayed and LOVED!   
My Buyer tells me:    "hello, my Favorite MK Jeans, you started all this; that day in the dressing room when it was just you and I and the mirrors ... this was a breaking point for me, having to stuff myself in you just about broke me".   I will forever love you, but I have no need for you anymore.   You represent a side of me that is gone and never coming back!   
She packs me up in a USPS box and sends me away to a lady named Maggie who lives in Miami, FL.    Yes, my lovely buyer sends me away, but not with out a note to my new owner:   "Hey, Maggie... these were my favorite jeans and come with a lot of memories and courage, and life changing decisions, love them and live life in them for me".


  1. This made me cry! I'm so proud of you!! keep up the good work :) love you & I'll see you soon

  2. I love the way you wrote this post! Congrats!!! Time for a new pair of motivation!

  3. Yup, I actually teared up Loved this!

  4. Ah, the sad-but-happy moment of having to say good-bye to your favorite clothes as you shrink out of them. It's kind of like a graduation!

  5. Wow such a tear-jerker of a a post that hits close to home. I recently purchased a sequins Chicago Bears hoodie from Victoria's Secret PINK collection and in my closet it sits waiting for the day that we can be together.
    I'm so glad you passed these jeans on to someone who will love them and didn't just dump them at Goodwill.
    Congrats =)

  6. that is so cool! Great journey!

  7. Love it!!! I should totally have a story like this. HMMM.I see a shopping trip in my future.

  8. OH my bandy buddy!!! This was a great post!!! So proud of you! :)