Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Lovely Addict Update

Well as if almost right on que; I received a letter back from JJ in Prison.   His letter was eminent, almost as if meant to be with the timing.   Given that my new trainer I hired to replace him fired me as a client last week.  I find all this almost too scripted as if the events are happening for no apparent reasons, but then become crystal clear in the end.  
It is as if I'm looking from the outside and watching this story unfold in my life.   JJ's letter was full of hope for his own situation as well as nothing but positive energy toward me and our friendship.
As I read this letter its dated early December, prior to my present situation taking place.   He is writing this letter to me as if my life, my routines and goals  are still on track.   His message is received and its clear to me what needs to be done.   He gave me more self-motivation and more inspiration in one letter...than I could have hoped for.   

I know what I need to do.   It took a few days, I did not want to accept this fate, but this is what the story unveils to me and this chapter now ends.  
JJ sounds good, however he is clearly hurting, he is bored, but I believe at this point in time he owns his actions and is trying to make sense of his addiction and why he did what he did. 
Thanks to all that responded on my first post in November, many had asked that I follow-up once I heard from JJ with an update.   

Will I hear from JJ again?   Absolutely, we are going to continue to exchange letters and support each other.   


  1. I'm so glad you heard from him, and I think it's good that you're going to continue to support each other. *hugs*

  2. oh my gosh, what kind of trainer quits on someone...lazy -- the trainer should figure out ways of motivation -- I'm glad your past trainer is still putting himself out there and sending you encouragement...and I don't know how to encourage from afar...but know that I'm sending good thoughts your way! Hope your holidays went well and 2013 brings you happiness and joy.