Sunday, November 4, 2012

Operation Big Business

My personal trainer makes house calls!
He came and left with my Scale!    WTF
He came and left with a signed Promise Contract from me:
I MLB will exercise 5 hrs a week, fill out my food journal and keep healthy foods at home.
I MLB will prepare my snacks and meals for the week before the week begins.
I MLB will not have bad eating habits when I go to social events.
I MLB will not Quit on Myself.
I MLB will loose 10 lbs by December 12, 2012.
He came and called Bullshit!   He came and questioned my husband on what I eat.  He came and went thru my kitchen like Hurricane Mark.
He shot down all my excuses.   He dont even care that the holidays are coming up!   He said I can celebrate the Holidays next year with Food, once I'm 85 lbs lighter.
I got kinda snippy with him and said "you want to come to my next fill appt too?"   Shut the Front Door....he said he had a conference call set up for Monday with my surgeon and nutritionist!   
What what . . . this just happened!
Weightloss UPDATE 
I've lost -2.75 lbs in 14 days, I have changed some things around this month and it appears to be working.
I officially hit my - 40 lbs this week, so..... I am very happy about that!  
NSV Alert
I bought some new jeans, they are super cute!    Still in the phatty section, but coming way down in size.   This time last year, I paid $110 for a pair of Michael Kors Jeans that I could not even get zipped.   I starved myself for a month to get into them for my BFF's 40th Party.     Those jeans just went into the "too big to wear pile".   Yaaaaaaaa ME!!!!!!
One of the most beautiful women to ever walk this earth, and she was a healthy Size 12.  
Thank you Marilyn for keeping it real.


  1. WOW you're trainer scares me but at the same time sound so awesome. What a huge commitment letting a personal trainer into your private space.

    Now you're in - no escaping and I so envy you and will be watching your posts for inspiration. You can hit all your goals. Good Luck!!!

  2. Your trainer scares me a little, but I kind of love him. You are So AWESOME...getting to that 40 pounds down mark! Keep it up, I'm so inspired!

  3. I want you trainer, it would be sooo awesome to have someone seriously all up in my face like " i dont htink so biatch" lol I wish I could afford one now but my hubby is outta work, so happy that you have someone to really just slap you outta it, I wish my hubby could do it but he is to afraid of me hahaha try and enjoy being scale free, with all your workouts you must be losing inches more than pounds . FYI you are the peron who most makes me get off my ass, I see your FB posts about exercise or whatev and I am like GRrrrr now i have to get up off my rump and get on my eliptical, so thank you for that :O)

  4. I love your trainer, I want one like him for myself :o)

  5. Your trainer sounds soo cool! Can't wait to see how it goes!

  6. Nice work! That sounds like Biggest Loser stuff right there! What have you been changing around to make you so successful?

  7. Your trainer sounds scary but awesome!! lol.

  8. I wish I could afford a trainer sometimes, but I would be scared if he saw my kitchen and my pringles. :P And an Amen to the size 12 comment....I would kill to be a size 12 again!

  9. I've nominated you for a Liebster Award, check on this post on my blog for details:

  10. Your trainer sounds like he's right out of the "Biggest Loser" and with you ALL the way...both a blessing a curse LOL. Good luck!!