Saturday, November 10, 2012

I Love me some Trader Joe's

Just wanted to drop a quick post about my Favorite Grocery Store. There are so many great things, but mainly they are Healthy and Cheap. I can always find something to snack on or for lunch or dinner that is one of those meals you look forward to having during the week.
Today I found this great Spinach and Kale Reduced-Guilt Yogurt Dip and paired it with TJ's Pretzel Thins for a quick lunch.
2 tbsp 30 Cal 2.5 F 1 Sug 1 Prot
My lunch was a Whopping 160 calories and it was great!
Speaking of Pretzel Thins, I cannot wait to try these.  They were not out yet, but damn baby .... they look yummy.   
These might not be as healthy, if interested . . . Coming in 14 days to a TJ's near you.
Completely, unrelated isn't The Bog cute in his coat?   Yes he is a boy dog and wearing a pink sweater; but that is all they had in his size.  Bog has Cushing's Disease and lost all his hair 7 years ago, so he needs clothes to keep warm. 
Silly Dog!
Bogart The Basset Hound


  1. Hey, boys can wear pink, too! Bogart looks very stylish and I'm glad he is warmer now!

  2. Thanks Michelle :o)

  3. I think I would like that dip because I love and eat yogurt almost everyday.

    Pups is precious. Bless his heart, all warm and snuggly.


  4. I miss TJ's so much! We're supposed to be getting one here very soon but they're behind schedule. I can't wait!