Thursday, November 15, 2012

Workout Wednesday

This is how I see myself yesterday!
Ultimate Workout Wednesday!
 Yesterday I attempted and completed the Ultimate Workout Wednesday.   
5:30a-6:30a Personal trainer Mark time.    Did a series of TRX squats, one legged TRX squats, numerous lines of walking lunges with a 10 lb weights, some TRX Trickery move that I'm not even sure how I completed it, but apparently I did.   1 min-planks and some other tortureous moves, that I have probably choosen to forget!
6:30p-7:30p  Spin Time!   .... and not just any old boring Spin class, but the best of the best.    My old spin teachers from my gym that closed down in August got together and opened their own fitness business.   2SP Pure Energy opened up this week Nov. 12th.    I am just so excited and grateful!     Blair Jackson, rocked my world and just like that 21 miles were Completed!


Lets make Wednesdays = Work-out Wednesday!   You dont have to go crazy like I did, but Wednesday the most awful day of the week, we can change the meaning of HUMP Day one lap band diva at a time.    We will get out there and Move our Bodies and shake em like we got it all figured out!
This looks the TRX trick I did?  Yep this is what i'm going with!


  1. Geeze girl! You are my workout inspiration. Is it weird that i'm jealous of you working out so much?!? LOL I LOVE working out...just wish I did it more often. I can make excuses all day long...(kids, work, yadayadayada) but at the end of the day they are still just excuses. I know i'm really busy but I just HAVE to find time.

    1. I workout so much cause my job is so stressful!!!!! and remember Dandy you cannot out exercise a bad diet which is what ME, Myself and I try to do often.

      It dont work!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love this idea....I can commit to Workout's also doing something the other 6 days that will be a problemo LOL.
    Thanks for sharing =)

  3. I have a lot of excuses for not going to the gym, so my catch-all answer is "Go anyway!" Which is basically the same as "Talk yourself into it." Sounds like a great hard-core day.

  4. you seriously rock your workouts! my damn excuse machine is up and running ,lol whenever I read the words workout or exercise my inner excuse making machine goes into over drive, I wonder if it is burning calories??? hmmmm I will google it.