Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Halloween 2012 down 40 lbs

 Not a whole lot going on with me for the month of October, but I did want to get out my Halloween Costume for you to see. 

Had a great Halloween this year and for once I actually felt "OK" getting dressed up and acting a fool with my husband and friends.  

I got alot of compliments on my costume and how cute it looked.   My dad made me my Sassy Club which I thank him for that, because I had my hands full with Prisinors.  At work today, I won Funniest Costume.    Which is good I guess, but kinda sucks if you were going for the Sexiest, right?     Whatever, I'll take it!     

Having a Party Time with my Besties!
On the weight loss front, I am eating better so much cleaner and I am so very proud of myself for that.    I'm sticking to my calorie level and not cheating!    Last week I lost - 2 lbs, so this week I just continue onward with my Journey.

My Trainer is coming over on Saturday to help go over my eating issues.  We are making plans to move forward to get this last 50 lbs off by Spring.   I have a million excuses on why I struggle to loose weight, all are becoming tiresome and old in my book and his.

Its do or die time!     And as my grandma dolly would say "shit or get off the pot ".   

Speaking of Grandma Dolly who was near death this summer.... I had the pleasure of going out to lunch with her this past weekend.   She is such an inspiration to me and proof there is more to life than food.   Grandma Dolly had a feeding tube for almost 8 weeks and she lived to tell about it.   Makes my piddly ass complaining look like just that "piddly ass".    She is so proud of me and I want her to see me thin!  She is getting old and tries to die every other month, so I need to get busy with that promise.     

Hence its now or never time!


  1. very cute and sassy costume! it's great that your trainer makes house calls...

  2. Love the costume!!! You look adorable.

  3. super cute costume! you look great!!

    Hey, you live in Michigan right?? any interest in meeting up for lunch in early december? My dad is having his kidney transplant the first weekend in December in Ann Arbor and i was hoping to get some of the Michigan girls together for lunch maybe that weekend! let me know!

  4. Cute costume!! I hope the planning session with the trainer goes well!! :)

  5. You look great. And eating clean does make you feel good!


  6. I think you were a very sexy cop............I do hope you grandma Dolly gets to see you at your goal <3

  7. SO glad to see good losses for you! I know you had a lot of small losses but look what it has added up to...40 damn elbees!! Way to go!

    I would have voted you sexiest ;)

    I'm so jealous of your exercise habits.... I yearn for a good exercise routine. I'm just good at making excuses. But like you's getting old. Thanks for the motivation today (after I ate 3 fun size candy bars for breakfast!)

  8. Ugh, I try so hard to go over to full time clean eating and always fall off the damn wagon! I hate it. One of these days I'll get some will power, right?!

  9. Look at you cutie! Love it. Nice job on the loss too.