Sunday, April 22, 2012

Super size Me?

I am having an ah ha moment.    Serving Size?  This is one of main contributors to my "phatness".   A true serving size on a plate seems so inadequate, so small, so not worth while, such a tease, and yet so obviously APPROPRIATE!   Right now, I am in a Phase Before "pre-op diet", meaning I am trying to incorporate Nectar protein shakes (flavor seeking), trying other sources of protein to see what I like and don't like, drinking tons of water, continuing my normal working out, and paying very close attention to portion sizes.    After my surgery, I will only be able to eat a true serving of food at one setting.     Wow check out a Serving Size of my favorite weekend snack, Pringles.

Now:                                                       After:

A good visual is that my stomach right now is the size of a Football, but after surgery will be the size of an Egg.

Admission:   Today I ate 7 serving sizes of Pringles chips to fill my football, or was I already full and just could not stop eating them?  

See my Friends, this is why I need to have my stomach altered with! To trust myself to portion food properly is NOT going to happen.   I am an addict and a slave to my appetite.   Getting this surgery is like sending a cocaine smoking pill popping addict to a rehab clinic!    

Why hasn't anyone told me this before? My God, it took me 22 years struggling with my weight, before I realized.  

I have come to realize I have an addiction.   No matter how many times I plan to have the healthiest, properly portioned mindset, my addiction ALWAYS WINS.

Hello, My name is Michelle and I am an addict.


  1. Acceptance is the first step to recovery, do congratulations to you!!!!

  2. I'm right there with you girlfriend! I'm trying so hard to work on portions... it just doesn't seem like enough for my "football"...

  3. new follower here - I just got my insurance approval late last week. I was out of town, but hoping to get a scheduled appointment this week - hoping for mid June. Portion sizes are super hard to follow! I look at them and wonder where the rest are!