Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Maybe a new purchase!

My New Bike!     Hubby and I are heading out this weekend for some much needed outdoor activity.   I am so excited.  Not sure where we are going, but its happening.   I just need to get a helmet and we are Off.  Instead of sitting on our ARSES, we are going to move our bodies.        Bike is a TREK NAVIGATOR 2.0 series.

****EDIT**** Add on..... had to go and buy the Husband the "dude version".  He was so jealous, I took off on this thing Friday night.....its like riding a Cloud with wheels.  


  1. That's one sweet bike! I haven't been on a bike in SOOOO long! I used to love it though... maybe something I can get into...

  2. I love it a whole lot! YOu know what I just marched my chunky ass into that bike shop today and bought the damn thing. I dont give a **** anymore. I'm in rare form this month Handy Bandy!

  3. Sweet Wheels!!! I am following you now so let's stay in touch!