Thursday, April 5, 2012

Missing My Group

January, 2011 I started an after work bootcamp with my girl S.   We hired a personal trainer and began to workout 3X  per week from 5-6 and paid our trainer cash for these workouts.    Quickly, word traveled thru the office about this and others began to join.    Some came and some went for a variety of reasons (too expensive, too hard, too much time, etc..).  But we always stayed steady and never waivered from our goal.

We would work all day, but at 4:45 the gym bags came out and real fun began in the basement of our building.   We originally had a female trainer, but quickly converted to a guy when she moved North of the city.   At this time, D joined our workout group.  

This was some of the most theraputic times I have ever had.  We would talk about men, marriage, sex, clothes, diets, fears, more sex, relationships, "tatoos".... and what began to happen was undeniable friendships were forming.   For once, I was for those few short hours each week... Michelle the person instead of Michelle the boss.   The workouts become almost a side effect to the Conversations!  

Our Group is now no more, we had our last workout March 26th.   D is moving out of state at the end of the month, and S is just well simply fabulously succeeding on her own and Rocking a brand new body to boot!

This brings me to my fear now of can I do this on my own?   I think I can and certaintly am giving this 100%.   I have completed 6 great successful workouts on my own and am an avid spinner with my Gym.  I spin 2-3 times each week and love it!     But cardio and strength training are two totally seperate things, so the strength training, bootcamp style kick your ASS workouts must continue and it has to come from me.  No trainer, no group, no crazy ass conversation to pass the time.   The ball is in my court now to take control of my own destiny.    So far so good!   I have been doing on my own and eagerly awaiting my news of when my lap band surgery will be scheduled. 

As for D, who is my friend way ..... before she is my employee, I am feeling in denial about your move.   But also hopeful now that you are no longer my employee our friendship will be so much more.   I think I was always just ever so slightly holding back, because of that :(   I am trying to look at this as a positive instead of the hole in my tummy where your empty seat sits at 2155 Butterfield.



  1. At the risk of sounding trite..everything happens for a reason. We may not always know what the reason is but the universe has a lesson for us and maybe you have a lesson coming soon with your new found independence. Maybe you are losing D as a workout partner, specifically so your relationship can grow to something more.

    Maybe there is a new group of people that you are going to reach out to and inspire!

    I can what-if and maybe for hours and hours, but I really do believe that there are peeps out there are are meant to touch and that may mean some of our current people moving over to make room.

    I sound like a crack-pot!! Sorry!! Let's just blame it on the painkillers.

  2. I think you just may be right and can only hope so.

    I have been following your blog and look forward to hearing about your days going forward. I am so curious about this whole lap band thing and so glad I found your posts.