Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My LapB Surgeon

Today I had my one on one with my Surgeon.   Can I just tell you he is sorta a CUTIE!   Maybe I am a sucker for a handsome smart man.   Good lord I'm smitten!    I am going with the DMC {Detroit Medical Center}, my doctor's name is Steven Hendrick.    I have never in my life been to a doctor's office that actually paid attention to you and listened to what you had to say.   Normally, there is a wait, then another wait, to end up being pushed in/out the door so they can see another patient.    If this would have been my experience today, I would not have been happy.   Today was great!  Dr. H explained the whole procedure to me, which was kind of scary.    I cried a bit and he stopped and waited and then said when I was ready he would continue.    Really???    Ok sorry, but give me a minute to cry while you just sit there and look at me.  That was really nice of him :).   I cry because this is a major surgery and during any major surgery it is possible for complications or death.     Nobody wants to hear this, but its the reality.     I'd rather be PHAT and ALIVE.       I cry because I wish my Mom was closer to me, so she could attend the appointment with me.   Dr. H said, I could bring family to my appts. and he would be happy to answer any questions.    But, my Mom and Dad are 3 hrs. away...I know I am 40, but a girl needs her parents some times.  So, I cried over that too!       Again, I wiped away my tears and we continued ONWARD!  

I am so very excited to also find out that my insurance really did not give any laundry list of specifics, they said they handle all on a case by case basis.   Dr. H said that was a great sign and with all my documentation  I had provided, he had a really good feeling that my insurance will approve me through quickly.   Which means I could be heading for my LapB surgery sooner rather than later.        

We also discussed what a douche bag my former trainer is.   I told him all about him and his unwillingness to help me fill out my paperwork and his lack of understanding my decision for the weight loss surgery .
 Dr. H said: "well sweet-heart he sounds like a pompous asshole".    I laughed alot at that comment, because he has the smarts, the confidence and the balls to say it...because its TRUE!

Dr. H is no George Clooney, but he is handsome in my book.  


  1. I'm sooooo glad your surgeon is great! My surgeon was wonderful and I don't think I would have gone this far if my experiences were less than stellar. I'm crossing my fingers that your insurance is a little more honest than mine and doesn't give you another hoop to jump through after you already thought you were done! I hope you don't have to do the 6 month supervised diet, but if you do..it's not to bad. I've actually enjoyed the 6 appointments and the time to gear up although at times I wish I could just do it tomorrow! :)

  2. I'm in love with him too for calling your trainer a pompous asshole! Sounds like you found the right surgeon and are headed for band land! I know you must be excited. Can't wait to hear how it all is going for you.

  3. Hey girl! I just read your comment on LBG's last post. Thought I'd drop by and say hi! I'll add you to my blog list! :) Looking forward to following your journey.

    1. Wow Lorie I am beyond impressed with your accomplishments. You give me so much hope that I can beat this PHAT I am carrying around. Thanks for following me. I'm a newbie!

  4. I think a good surgeon is really important. They are the ones you are going have to report to for fills and such and if you have any doubts about them you might avoid them, and we know this tool doesn't work if you don't work it!!

  5. I agree with everybody here! A great doctor makes a huge difference.