Sunday, August 19, 2012

We Grow Older and Wiser

As I write this post I want to start out and I say that it is funny how as life goes, you learn lessons of what is really important.

I have always been somewhat of a Diva! I was raised by middle-class working parents in Akron, Ohio and had a very modest upbringing.  

But for whatever reason, I have always liked the finer things in life.   New cars, which I have never been without one since I started working for attorneys at 21.    My first car was a brand new off the show room floor RED and SILVER 1992 Saturn.    I got the loan myself and made every single payment.    Of course, it looked somewhat like this one, but SHARPER, because mine had silver undertones and big ass sun roof!   

Then there is my Self-Diagnosed Purse Obsession.    I cannot tell you why, but when I see this store my endorphines begin raging and I have the most uncontrollable urge to enter shop and buy!

I have numerous purses, wallets, key chains etc... all proudly purchased and stored away in my closet.    Because that is what you do with a $5,000 purse collection .... right?? is wrap them up and stuff them all in the top of your closet.

Then there is Michael Kors which is my newest obsession!   I have several of these purses, wallets and oh YES the WATCH.    I put myself in the poor house last year for my 40th.   Had to have this watch!    I love it and would not trade it for anything, but did I mention, I hate jewelry.    I like jewelry, but I hate to wear it.    So this $500 little gem sits in my jewelry box.   

I am writing this post in the hopes I can at somepoint see the money I have spent over the years and quite frankly wasted.   Begin to re-focus myself on what my new 41 year old self deems important.   

When this change?   When did I grow up?   I still want these things, but now I have a visual, a clearer understanding of exactly what the cost is to own these things.    $250.00 if ALOT of money to spend on a material item.  

Right now, there is NOTHING more important to me then getting to my goal weight.

I am having to choose between what I want and what I need and this is a very uncomfortable and new feeling for me.   

See, I dont have any children and a pretty great paying job.   I still want to buy purses, new clothes, travel, and have Starbucks Coffee every day.     However, my $$$$$ is now being spent on healthy food choices, fresh salads and produce, gym memberships, new Trek bikes and a totally awesome personal trainer.

It is very possible, in the near future I may also be giving up my daily Starbucks run to help pay for my indoor cycleing classes.  

OK...WTF Did I just say!!!!!!      Them is fighting words right there... Oh I love my morning latte.

I am not happy at my new gym, its so impersonal, so commercial and so focused doing "just acceptable" in many areas.    So, once again the Spoiled Diva in me comes out.

I'm sorry, but when you have a true PASSION for something, mediocore is not going to cut it.     I am NOT happy with the Indoor Cycleing, aka Spinning at this Gym.  It is mediocore at best.   The bikes are average, the instructors are below average...the sound system sucks. I'm not motivated nor impressed.

Which brings me to my new deleima!!!!   Starbucks or CYCLE?    There is an AWESOME Cycling Studio located in Fabulous Royal Oak, MI that I will find what I am looking for.    Check it out for yourself ....

I'll keep you posted of the decision to come!    


  1. maybe SB once a week for a special occasion and a kuerig and bike-gym :D and then you can have it all :D

  2. I say meet in the middle-- do the cycling and get yourself a really nice coffee making, so good travel cups and make your own yummy coffee to bring along any time any where.
    I am a pretty practical gal and only in my 40's, am I realizing I need to buy myself stuff more regularly (I am also fortunate to have a good job) and find the moderation place to 'treat myself' with things.

    1. I think Im going to limit the Starbucks and treat myself once a week to Go Cycle class. I'll get my spin on real good that day... Then I'll just have to put up with the gym.

      It just gets worse... Today I learned they made the decision to control the "music".... Really????? The teachers always bring in great tunes on iPod. Said they don't want to offend anyone.

      I'm like we'll you justo offended me by forcing me to listen to politically correct music.

  3. I say spring for the place that will motivate you. You can get an awesome coffee maker whose coffee will taste better than the 'bux. Just get you some whipped cream to put on top of your homemade morning latte. ;)

  4. OMG we we're separated at birth!! I love them all too...the shoes, the purses, the fine cars. I've never been stick up about it but I just like what I like for me in my life. However, after having my kids I stopped the spending on me and focused it all them. And just like you, now I'd rather spend the money on sneakers for my workouts than a new purse. That is a big change in the universe!

    Yea, I say go to the place that'll make you happy and motivated. It's not being a diva it's being smart and doing what'll keep you on track!

    1. Twin!!!! Yea it's a big change... By the time I get my food, protien powders, vitamins, gym, etc... Got no funds left for any shopping.

      Life is rough huh!

  5. I'm with Ronnie! I think it's a lot easier to make a good replacement latte. :-) My grocery store sells liquid coffee concentrate (espresso) and I've bought that and used it with milk and sf syrup to make iced latte or hot lattes with really good result, w/o a machine. It's in the coffee aisle by the flavored syrups.

  6. I say a decision for your health always trumps everything else. It lasts so much longer. Now, that said, a girl's gotta have fun!

    1. I'm with ya! Making some changes for sure....not so much shopping if I do it will be at much cheaper stores

  7. OHHHH girl... See, my problem is... I love the but I DON'T have a great paying job! lol I have a "decent" paying job (before they deduct the health insurance for my family) and the kids and bills take priority. I have been able to get a couple factory coaches but you bet your patootie I use em! lol

    In conclusion....please send unused purse collection to Dandy Bandy in podunk Missouri, Please and thank you :)

    1. Dandy when I ever get rid of some you can count on it.