Tuesday, August 14, 2012


 Eating out! God this is really starting to become challenging for me. I find myself in situations where I am eating out for business, for friends and family, sometimes for convenience and other times for pure enjoyment.The reasons are endless. 

I am just completely clueless on what to order at a Restaurant. 

Do you order healthy food and eat a nice size portion?  Do you order what your in the mood for and eat a small portion?  

I have to plan a whole lot when I know I'm going out to eat. 

Monday, I took staff members to Maggiano's Italian Restaurant for a new hire orientation meet and greet.   I researched the menu before going and bounced it up against nutrition (this took 15 minutes).   Their dinner size salads are calorie ridden hidden little DEVILS!    1,440 calories in a Maggiano's Salad, 1,213 calories in The Maggiano's Spinich Salad and the list just kept on going...... as I searched frantically for a good choice.   Wont even mention what the pasta dishes contained in a calorie content.

I ended up ordering a side size Spinich Salad w/o bacon 175 calories, a side order of Spaghetti Marinara 420 calories (2.5 Cups cooked pasta) w/ unsweetened Iced Tea.

I can only imagine entering this Restaurant un-prepared, what I may have ordered and then my day's calorie count would have been over the MOON.

What happens when a spare of the moment "restaurant situation" comes up?      Looking for band friendly restaurants and/or band friendly menu options and/or your go to restarurant meal.    

Totally convinced that Eating Out needs to be avoided at all costs while you are in "loosing mode"!  

But, how do we survive "life", "work", "friends", "family", "birthdays", "anniversaries" any "obligations" that revolve around FOOD and still Lose Weight?       

I am finding myself wanting to be a recloose, a hermit crab, not wanting to do anything with anyone for failure of sabatoging my entire week's effort with 1 meal.   


  1. Like you, eating out causes me a bit of anxiety.

    Whenever possible, I plan ahead, even if it's just a glance at the nutrition information 5 minutes before I order.

    I also tend to gravitate towards the same restaurants time after time, once I find something doable on the menu. There are two things I can eat at Outback, for example, several things I can get at Cotton Patch, a burger I can have at Red Robin... I also know the calorie counts of everything at Coldstone Creamery!

    I have to trust that someday this won't be so complicated...

    1. Can youu tell me what you get at outback that works for you? Thanks and RR

      I am going to make a list on my iPhone so I can reference it when needed....

  2. I almost ALWAYS order an appetizer or a side soup/salad. it's totally boring but it works and I don't waste money on all the leftover food.

  3. I always get an appetizer too. I like to stick with things that won't cause me too much trouble and that aren't too bad on the calories. I go with shrimp cocktail or crab cakes, often.

  4. If I know ahead of time where I am going I look up the nutrition info online and plan what I am going to have before I ever get there. If it is a spur of the moment decision I try to stick to things I know. I try not to ever try something new (new meaning since I have been banded) at a restaurant. I also either go ahead and get a to go box before I start eating or at least separate what I plan to eat.

  5. I have no info but I just want to say OMG I know what you mean, it is hard!!

    1. Exactly Theresa its just NUTS. I also notice that even though I ordered like I did on Monday again, as the HOST I think I made others feel self concious about ordered the Mama's Homemade Lasagna and the Chicken Parmessean.

      I did not mean too, so then I felt obligated to inform perfect strangers I am a gastric band patient. Then, they were like ok.... and seemed to ease the table up a bit.

  6. great question! and great feedback tips too. I NEEDED THEM TOO!

  7. I try and order soft foods, or easy foods. Like a chicken breast with veggies...or soup...or mashed taters or salad...whatevs. If you are somewhere that food is provided and you can't choose. Just eat small portions of whatever is there. Maybe bring a ready to drink protein shake JUST in case there is nothing there worth the calories.